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Delaware County Military Academy "DCMA" strives to admit the best and brightest each year to ensure that the cyber classrooms are places of intellectual rigor and stimulation, places where knowledge passes not just from instructor to student, but from student to student as well. Delaware County Academic Program serves as a foundation for the development of critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. It includes a substantive set of fully integrated core courses that, together, provide an appropriate balance between STEM, humanities, and social sciences. Students choose their areas of depth from 36 academic majors that span a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. The academic curriculum culminates with an integrative experience that is often an interdisciplinary and team-based project. 

Our unique faculty model creates a blend of excellence that brings together recent Army operational experience, disciplinary expertise, and the best pedagogical approaches.

Our faculty members are exceptional teachers and accessible mentors who are committed to the development of students and one another. 

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