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Delaware County Military Academy


The very essence of education is exploration. For these reasons, my philosophy, with that of Delaware County Military Academy would maintain inquisitive educational pursuits that lends itself to STEM exploration and learning. STEM Curriculum and Instruction developments across grade bands and academic settings would intensify based upon student learning needs and academic ability. Our commitment to students continues long after the school day's exhausts. DCMA offers case management, social workers, and  Special Education programs, that would build individualized learning plans. 

Academic "grit" has afforded me opportunities to experience meaningful occupational pursuits. Some of which are the causes for the development of a cyber STEM education school. A graduate of Southern New Hampshire University and Northcentral University respectively. My zest for academic rigor thrives in developing challenging STEM environments that push students to unexpected academic heights. 

Our commitment to global communities gives way for students to consider new education infrastructure solutions through course explorations programs such as: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering  and Robotics. We intend to model exceptional education opportunities through the adaptation of course work similar to that of West Point Academy, implementing STEM learning strategies that propel excellence.  



Ms. Maketa S. Jolly CEO
Chief Executive Officer
High School Student
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